Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SQL Antipatterns Tutorial at the MySQL Conf & Expo 2009

My tutorial proposal was accepted, so I'll be speaking April 20 at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 in Santa Clara.

My tutorial is "SQL Antipatterns Strike Back." SQL Antipatterns are frequent blunders committed by software developers, both novice and expert.

I gave a similar tutorial last year, and I think it was well-received. I'm keeping and improving the most interesting topics from last year's tutorial, but over half of this year's tutorial will be all-new!

The new topics in my tutorial include:
  • Polymorphic Associations
  • Storing Tree-Structured Data
  • Index Shotgun
  • Using NULL
  • Goldberg Machines
  • Using JOIN (...or not)
  • See No Evil
  • Magic Beans
  • Diplomatic Immunity

The improved topics from last year include:
  • Entity-Attribute-Value
  • Metadata Tribbles
  • ENUM
  • Ambiguous GROUP BY
  • Using HAVING instead of WHERE
  • Parameter Facade
  • Phantom Side Effects

Some of these topic names are meant to be mnemonics, just like names of design patterns and anti-patterns. You'll have to attend the tutorial to see the full meaning of these SQL Antipatterns!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill

Are You going to publish that tutorial later?

Cheers, Alan

Bill Karwin said...

Yes, see http://karwin.blogspot.com/2008/04/sql-antipatterns-slides.html for the slides from last April I'll post the new slides too.